Thomas Hirschhorn

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2004
Kategoria: Albumy
ISBN: 978-0-7148-4273-8
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Thomas Hirschhorn is a Swiss-born artist who emerged in the 1990s art world, and known for his giant, labour-intensive, room-sized collages of low grade materials. Tinfoil, cardboard, plywood, plastic and masking tape bring together an infinite variety of debris, including handwritten texts and images culled form popular magazines; miniature toy airplanes and trains; knick-knacks by the hundreds; armies of plastic 'goldEwatches; effigies of Nietzsche and Princess Diana; household fans blowing red flags which flutter violently; monitors duct-taped into vitrines, ad infinitum. Borrowing from the languages of installation art, junk art, Pop and others, Hirschhorn's work comments on the proliferation of consumables ('very derived productsE the artist calls them) in our shopping-driven society. Despite its overt politics, installations like Bataille Monument (Documenta 11, 2002) Ehis temporary structure situated in a predominantly immigrant Kassel neighbourhood Emaintain a light, contemporary wunderkammer feel to be enjoyed by aficionados and non-initiates alike. Half-sculptural, half-architectural and fully revolutionary, some of his most elaborate installations, such as the multi-room Cavemanman (Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, 2002), transform ordinary spaces into a labyrinthine, parallel universe of hybrid forms and fascinating accumulations. A key player in the contemporary art scene today, Hirschhorn moves beyond such recent art forms as the readymade, the 'post-conceptualEand video, to offer an important, unprecedented direction for 21st century art.

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