Transatlantic Mergers & Acquisitions

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2005
Kategoria: Ekonomia
ISBN: 978-3-895-78262-6
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This book is intended to show ways to successful cooperation. Going beyond M&A, it demonstrates how economical ties and personal behaviour can positively influence our international relations. The value to M&A professionals will be generated through better understanding the views from the other side of the Atlantic, through new M&A insights from other industries and from experts working in consulting and finance. Thus, it is also of high value to all those working on partnerships between the USA or Germany and any other country. The book deals with many different aspects, starting from overall strategies, and ending up with lessons learnt from the special cases. Reflecting behavioural, economic or legal aspects, there are articles showing one side only to work out country or industry specifics and others comparing the nationally different systems and surroundings.

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