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You can get the best possible pictures from your travels by shooting digitally. Travel, published in RotoVision's acclaimed Digital Photographer's handbook series, covers everything you need to know.Encompassing all the styles and disciplines of photography, travel photography can be incredibly rewarding. This book deals with general issues, such as the volume of equipment one can take on a trip, traditional skills which lead to better photography, and digital skills which can enhance and improve the pictures once you're at home again.The images are demystified into four processes: Shoot it, Scan it, Manipulate it and Print it. The book opens with a chapter: 'Why digital?' which discusses the advantages of digital against traditional photography, and follows up with real-life projects from the very basic to the more complex, showing how to shoot in the first place then improve the results after the event. A ready-reference glossary completes the package which gives readers the know-how to use their digital equipment to its fullest capacity.The Digital Photographer's Handbook series is the perfect tool for photographers wishing to experiment with the endless possibilities of digital technology.

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