Whaling Diplomacy

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-1-84542-107-6
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'The International Whaling Commission has complex history and deals with fascinating issues in respect of which attitudes have changed markedly since the organisation was founded in 1946. Al Gillespie has been through all the records and knows the story well; even better he knows in practical terms how it works since he has been a distinguished member of the New Zealand delegation to the Commission for years. There can be few who know more about this controversial international body. The book demonstrates excellent research on many fronts and is full of valuable insights on a topic that will only become more important over time.'- Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and current Commissioner for New Zealand to the International Whaling Commission'Gillespie's book is a very valuable study of whaling, which adopted a holistic approach to the subject and which represents a very high standard of academic research. It strikes an excellent balance between theory and practice and therefore, should be of interest for both academics and practitioners. The book addresses all the controversial areas of whaling and offers a solid legal and philosophical background.'- Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Queen Mary, University of London, UKWhaling Diplomacy is the only book that addresses all of the substantive issues relating to the conservation of whales through the International Whaling Commission (IWC). It covers the law, policy, science and philosophy at the heart of each element of the debate, discussing how it has developed, the current problems that beset it and what is necessary for the future. Together, all of the issues involved in whaling form a single crucible through which the future of conservation in international environmental law is being debated. The intensity of this debate, despite being at the forefront of international environmental problems for over three decades has not dissipated, as ultimately, the clash of values, science and law within whaling diplomacy is one of the key front lines for international conservation in the 21st century. Studying the contemporary developments in international environmental law and policy, this book therefore is not just about whales, but also how related debates are being reflected in other forums.Students of law, politics, environmental economics and philosophy will find this book of great value for it's cutting-edge relevance over the three disciplines. Policymakers will also find it of interest for the insight into one of the most controversial conservation debates of our time.

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