What is Publication Design?

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Data wydania: 2007
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Using Key Movements and Styles for Contemporary Designby Lakshmi BhaskaranPublication design is a diverse area covering everything from magazines, newspapers and books to annual reports, product catalogues, newsletters, journals and everything in between. What is Publication Design? is the comprehensive guide to all forms of printed publication. Aimed at a wide audience, covering consumer, corporate and trade, it explores everything from transport and display to issues of sustainability and advances in technology.The book contains an international portfolio of design. Amongst other things it explores printing and finishing techniques and the feel of the publication in hand, as well as the graphic design. All of this serves to make the book a comprehensive and essential guide to a complex and fascinating subject area.About The AuthorLakshmi Bhaskaran is a freelance design journalist and editor, contributing to a range of publications, including ID, Blueprint, Wallpaper and Viewpoint. She is also an Associate Lecturer in Contemporary Communication at the University of the Arts, London, and the author of Size Matters and Designs of the Times

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