ABC's of Relationship Selling

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ABCżs of Relationship Selling, 8/e by Futrell is written by a sales person turned teacher and is filled with practical tips and business-examples gleaned from years of experience in sales with Colgate, Up-john, and Ayerst and from the authorżs sales consulting business. Charles Futrell focuses on improving communication skills and emphasizes that no matter what career a student pursues, selling skills are a valuable asset. This affordable, brief paperback contains a wealth of exercises and role plays is perfect for a selling course where professors spend considerable time utilizing other resources and projects. The text also makes a nice companion to a sales management text in Marketing programs that offer a sales management course, but do not offer a separate selling course.Increased Customer Focused Selling: Charles Futrell has expanded his coverage and exploration of the customer-focused, service approach to selling that this text has taken for over seven editions. The key to developing long-lasting, and profitable, relationships with buyers is through a customer-focused, services-approach. Through active listening and putting your customer first the relationships you develop will benefit you, your employer, and most of all, your customer.|Expanded Ethical Coverage: Closely related to the customer-focused or service approach to selling is the ethical means by which it is accomplished. Charles Futrell broadens his exploration of the ethical demands of a sales position, discussing how to strike a balance between the pressures of sales goals and treating your customerżs needs as a priority. Finding this balance in selling creates a better salesperson and this text gives the Fundamentals to achieve that balance.|Expanded PowerPoint: included on the Instructorżs CD-ROM with the instructorżs Manual and Test bank, this PowerPoint presentation features images and graphics from the book as well as video clips from the text specific video segments, adding a powerful resource for class lectures.|Expanded Video Package: 2 video sets accompany this book: Set #1: Book-specific videos feature a variety of short ethical videos and "A Day in the Life" videos to illustrate what salespeople do everyday. There are 3 new segments that accompany the role-plays found in the text in Appendix A: Cereal Consumer Sales, ACT! Distributor Sales and Copier Business-To-Business Sales. Set #2: Produced by Inc. Business Resources, these videos feature segments on the various aspects of selling: Effective Sales Calls, Deal with Buying Objections, and Closing the Deal. Both video sets are valuable to students because they reveal the practical implications of what they are learning in the book, while showing how to perform daily sales duties successfully.|Increased Emphasis and Coverage of Technology: Charles Futrell understands the important role that technology plays in todayżs selling environment. Students will benefit by learning applications like: how to search for customer information and competitor information on the World Wide Web, use an automated territory management system to manage a sales territory, use order and inventory tracking systems to provide up-to-date information to customers, and communicate with customers through e-mail. The author incorporates the WWW exercises, technology in selling, and information on ACT! Customer Contact Software throughout the text.|ACT! Express Software: Included with this textbook is ACT! Express, a tool that will help students entering the business world. Based on the best-selling ACT! contact management system, ACT! Express shows students how to become more productiveżresulting in better business relationships and greater business opportunities. ACT! Express includes the following features: Complete contact and calendar management: seventy pre-defined fields for contact information, notes, tasks, schedules, history, and more; Search capabilities: allows quick location of any information in the database by name, ZIP code, phone number, or keyword; Groups: sort contacts into groups by company, interests, or other commonalities; Activity reminders: set alarms for upcoming activity reminders; Basic e-mail functions: send and track e-mail correspondenceżand attach e-mails directly to specific contact records.|Additional Role-Plays: More role-play selling scenarios have been added to provide students with additional opportunities to perfect their sales approach and customer relationship skills. |Sales World Wide Web Directory: This resource contains the URLs for the Sales World Wide Web Exercises found at the end of each chapter and for organizations with the largest sales forces in the United States. Utilizing this directory will bring the text exercises to life and will give students ideas about where to begin their sales careers. |Expanded Coverage of Sales Careers: Career information has been expanded throughout to emphasize that there are sales jobs in all organizations ż business, service, and nonprofit. This coverage reveals a multitude of career opportunities for students. |The Authorżs Pedagogical Approach: Charles stresses learning by doing. He believes that selling skills will benefit all students and make them better communicators. |Coverage of Relationship Selling. Charles has integrated coverage of relationship and consultative selling. Students who understand the importance of developing relation ships with customers will ultimately be more successful.|Sales Challenge/Solution: Each chapter begins with a real-life challenge faced by sales professionals that introduces the topic of the chapter and heightens student interest in chapter concepts. The challenge is resolved at the end of the chapter, where chapter concepts guiding the salesperson's actions are highlighted.|Ethical Dilemma Boxes: Provide students with an opportunity to consider ethical dilemmas faced in the selling job.|Selling Tip Boxes: Offer the reader additional selling tips for use in developing their role-plays.|Selling Globally Boxes: These boxes provide a global-view for students, featuring selling situations from around the world. Many were written by the authorżs colleagues from around the world. |Selling Experiential Exercises. These exercises help students to better understand themselves and/or the text material. Many can be done within the class or completed outside and discussed within class.|Cases for Analysis: Each chapter ends with several brief but substantive cases for student analysis and class discussion to providing the students with an opportunity to think critically about the application of chapter concepts.|The Price: Approximately $20 less than a traditional marketing text.

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