Arthur's Veterinary Reproduction & Obstetrics 8E

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Data wydania: 2001
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ISBN: 978-0-7020-2556-3
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This is the new (8th) edition of the classic text reference covering all aspects of reproduction and obstetrics in all common, and some less common, domestic species. This is the only book to cover the full range of domestic animals and now also includes less common species such as llamas and alpacas. In addition, more common small animal species such as guinea pigs and rabbits, which have not been discussed in previous editions but which are frequently encountered by practicing veterinarians, are included for the first time.Thorough update throughout to reflect changes in practice since the last editionFully comprehensive - everything the student and practitioner needs to knowVery practical clinical approach throughoutAll common domestic species coveredFully revised without becoming any bigger than its current length

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