Bernstein's Handbook of Arbitration & Dispute 2 vols

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Data wydania: 2003
Kategoria: Socjologia, filozofia
ISBN: 978-0-421-75760-8
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The new edition of this successful practical guide has been fully expanded and updated to include the most recent developments and to acknowledge the growing importance of alternative dispute resolution. It includes a number of new chapters to deal with topics such as sports, adjudications and professional disciplinary tribunals. The book provides succinct summaries of relevant principles of law, such as confidentiality, jurisdiction, arbitrability, bias and conflicts, Calderbank letters and responses thereto; and identifies both the specific problems facing this area and the answers to them. For ease of use, the work has been divided into two volumes; the first consists of in-depth analysis and comment on a variety of different areas of arbitration, and the second provides a comprehensive set of free-standing reference materials. * Features full coverage of the law and practice of arbitration * Offers practical guidance in the actual conduct of the dispute resolution processes, both domestically and internationally, from contributors who have hands-on experience * Combines a general principles section, a series of specialist sections and a complete suite of precedents and appendices * Cited in courts around the world including the Commercial Court (UK), Federal Court of Canada, High Court (Australia), High Court (Ireland) and Supreme Court Victoria (Malaysia) Not available on inspection.

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