Grob's Basic Electronics

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-0-07-110809-6
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Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC/AC Circuits is written for the beginning student pursuing a degree in electronics technology. In covering the fundamentals of electricity and electronics, this text focuses on essential topics for the technician and the all-important development of troubleshooting skills. This highly practical approach combines clear, carefully-laid-out explanations of key topics with worked-out examples and problems to solve. Review problems that follow each section reinforce material just completed making this a very student-friendly text. It provides the student with complete, comprehensive coverage of all of the fundamental concepts of DC and AC circuit theory. This first edition combines the tried and true Grob's Basic Electronics with more specific study in DC/AC Circuitry. For the first time, instructors can choose between Grob's Basic Electronics 10th edition, with its additional coverage of devices or this new, concise Fundamentals of DC/AC Circuits. The focus on absolutely essential knowledge for technicians, including troubleshooting failed circuitry, keeps this book completely practical.Superior Examples and Problems: Examples, solved in a step-by-step fashion, include embedded Practice Problems, which provide the students with immediate feedback. On a similar note, review problems follow each section, allowing an immediate link to material just covered. Integrated MultiSIM simulations are included, marked with an icon, and files for these are included on the free, bound-in CD-ROM. Chapter on Powers of 10: An opening chapter on basic scientific and engineering notation entitled "Introduction to Powers of 10" clearly explains these necessary math skills.Superior Ancillary Materials for Students: Ancillary materials flesh out all aspects of this thorough text. The Experiments Manual includes a MultiSIM CD so students can combine both hands-on and simulated lab work, and a Problems Manual provides students with an alternative set of problems and exercises. The Online Learning Center provides a complete overview of the basic math needed in DC/AC electronics, and student study features.Instructor Ancillary Content: For the instructor, the Instructors Productivity Center (IPC) CD contains a classroom performance system (CPS) for quizzes and classroom management, a test bank for each chapter with testing software, and PowerPoint slides.End-of-Chapter Material: Each chapter concludes with a self-test in multiple-choice format, and all end-of-chapter problems are organized by section. Streamlined Design: This new text has a contemporary, streamlined design that underscores the textżs tight focus on essential topicsExamples and problems are essential to a good electronics book. Students need to practice what they've learned in order to fully comprehend and be ready to use their knowledge in a job situation. Having the answers to practice problems right there gives immediate feedback so students know what they need to work on. By starting with basic skills, instructors can lay the foundation of knowledge that students will need for the rest of the course.This superb supplement package is a huge selling feature. Instructors will love the fact that we can give their students MultiSIM files on CD that are integrated with their text, and the optional problems manual and experiments manual are a huge asset.The PowerPoint presentations are top notch! No other book in this market can match the quality and inclusivity of these presentations. Instructors expect to have all of these supplements available to them, and you do! 9th edition of Grob had a slightly elementary look and feel. New design for the 10th edition (and also 1st edition of Fundamentals version) brings the book up-to-date with the market it is meant for.

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