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Twelve Days of Christmas
S. Bakhurst Wydawnictwo: inne

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS MUSICAL is a sparkly adaptation of the famous Christmas song of the same name. It is a wonderful, exciting musical that really captures the true giving spirit of Christmas. Intended... czytaj dalej

J. Burke Wydawnictwo: brak danych

This exciting series of emergent-reader nonfiction is thoroughly reviewed and approved by a distinguished reading advisory board. Full-color photographs, predictable text patterns, and concepts of high interest... czytaj dalej

Penelope Nuthatch & the Big Surprise
D. Gavril Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Silly Penelope Nuthatch receives a letter from her friend Luther Crow promising an unforgettable surprise outing. She assumes Luther is taking her to see the "unforgettable" Swan Lake. She gets her... czytaj dalej

Story of Ships
L. Sims Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Once upon a time, before people travelled very far from home, a brave man hopped on a floating log and invented the very first boat. Soon, boats had paddles and sails and could cross vast oceans. Young readers... czytaj dalej

Dead Pool
Walker Sue Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Kirstin Rutherford's return to Edinburgh after two years away is tinged with sadness because five months ago her beloved father-in-law. Jamie, drowned in a deep pool in the Water of Leith. And no one is sure... czytaj dalej

Maciej Antoni Suszek Wydawnictwo: Zysk i S-ka

"Naiwność to jedna z cech młodości. Młodości, z której zawsze się wyrasta. Z naiwności znacznie trudniej". Powrót do przeszłości, miejscami mrocznej i bolesnej, to również – paradoksalnie... czytaj dalej

Gentleman of the Road
Chabon Michael Wydawnictwo: inne

"Michael Chabon can write like a magical spider, effortlessly spinning out elaborate webs of words that ensnare the reader with their beauty and their style"- The New York Times... czytaj dalej

Modernist Literature
V. Mahaffey Wydawnictwo: brak danych

Postmodernist reactions against Modernism have tended to equate it with fascism, totalitarianism and a reactionary cultural elite. This bold and unusual guide approaches the issue from a new angle, considering... czytaj dalej

Patterson North Richard Wydawnictwo: angielskie

David Wolfe is an ambitious former homicide prosecutor who is planning to run for Congress. A political dinner for the Israeli Prime Minister is hosted by his current girlfriend, Carole Shorr, a liberal supporter... czytaj dalej

Germ Zappers
F. Balkwill Wydawnictwo: inne

Planet Earth can be a dangerous place for all living creatures, including you. You can usually escape from erupting volcanoes and floods. You can protect your body from the blazing sun and freezing snow. But... czytaj dalej

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Marta Knopik
Magdalena Kulus
Dzieci, których nie ma
Renata Piątkowska;
Gabriel Dylan
I co ona ma zrobić?
Holly Bourne
Złodziejka truskawek
Joanne Harris
Szpieg za miliard dolarów
David E. Hoffman