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Kostrszewa Wacław Wydawnictwo: Nowy Świat

Macij Szczawiński: Wiersze Wacława Kostrzewy są jak czysty dźwięk dzwonu w niedzielny poranek. Esencjonalna czysta liryka, aż mąci się w głowie od poezji.... czytaj dalej

The Machiavelli Covenant
Folsom Allan Wydawnictwo: inne

Nicholas Marten, the ex-LAPD detective who played a major role in Folsom's The Exile (2004), pursues an international conspiracy in this frenetic page-turner long on action but short on plausibility. When an... czytaj dalej

Enchanted Isles
H. Melville Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Melville's The Enchanted Isles is a beautiful and haunting descriptive work written following a tour of the Galapagos #8211; the islands that formed the inspiration for Charles Darwin's early work on evolutionary... czytaj dalej

Laceys of Liverpool
M. Lee Wydawnictwo: Orion

Vivacious Alice Lacey couldn't be more different from her sister in law, the bitter, ambitious Cora. Alice is married to John, Cora to his hapless younger brother, Billie. Both women give birth to sons on one... czytaj dalej

Stinking story of Rubbish
K. Daynes Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The Stinking Story of Rubbish is a vivid and humorous introduction to the history of human waste.Vividly illustrated with clearly laid out text, with speech bubbles to aid the narrative flow.Developed in conjunction... czytaj dalej

Tortured Wood
M. Rose Wydawnictwo: angielskie

A hot new title from a chilling new series of stories by some of the best thriller-writers aroundWritten by well-known and established thriller author, Malcolm RosePart of the exciting new Usborne fiction seriesThis... czytaj dalej

True Adventure Stories
P. Dowswell Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This compilation includes 30 true stories of heroism, desperation, courage and daring; from the first exploration of Everest to the story of the real Indiana Jones.... czytaj dalej

True Stories of Second World War
P. Dowswell Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Epic naval encounters between titanic warships, monumental battles and duels between lone snipers facing almost certain death are just some of the dramatic tales in this vivid collection of twelve true stories... czytaj dalej

Tudors & Stuarts
F. Patchett Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The first in the new 'Discovery Britain' series, this book describes one of the most absorbing and dramatic periods in British history. Illustrated with paintings, maps, cutaways and photographs; this book... czytaj dalej

Max the Mighty
R. Philbrick Wydawnictwo: brak danych

The sequel to Freak the Mighty, the dramatic, heartwrenching tale teams Max with another outcase, Worm, nicknamed for her interest in books. The two outsiders turn to each other for survival. Written in a haunting... czytaj dalej