Real Estate Coach
B. Sugars Wydawnictwo: angielskie

From the international go-to guys in small business know-how: Your source for the strategies, skills and confidence every business owner needs to succeed. Remember what it was like learning how to ride a... czytaj dalej

Pulmonary Pathophysiology
Ali Wydawnictwo: angielskie

A system- and disease-based approach to the aspects of pulmonary pathophysiology, essential for an understanding of clinical medicineBridging the gap between basic science and clinical medicine, this text provides... czytaj dalej

Irwin Guide to "Wall St Journal"
Lehmann Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The bestselling guidebook to the world's most trusted newspaper, now fully revised and updated The Wall Street Journal has long been an essential daily business resource, and since 1984, The Irwin Guide to... czytaj dalej

Chemistry Demystified
L. Williams Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This book is uniquely useful in that it contains ChemBites, tips, scientific news, and "cutting edge" industry applications, which update readers on outdated or unavailable information in textbooks... czytaj dalej

Current Diagnosis & Treatment In Infectious Diseases
Walter Wilson,Merle Sande Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Internationally renowned infectious disease experts offer guidance in recognizing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Clinically focused and comprehensive, the... czytaj dalej

Operations Management for Competitive Advantage With Stud dv
Chase Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Jacobs and Chase continue to lead the field of Operations Management with cutting edge up to date content, technology, and motivation.... czytaj dalej

Gastroenterology 20 Common Problems
S.A. Edmundowicz Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Equips physicians with a practical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of the 20 most common GI problems encountered in day-to-day practice. The book takes a holistic approach to enhance patient participation... czytaj dalej

Modern Immunosuppressives
H. Schuurman Wydawnictwo: inne

This study highlights the use of immunosuppressants in their new roles in clinical medicine. Chapters focus not only on their use in prevention or treatment of transplant rejection, but also in immune-complex... czytaj dalej

Thoracoscopic Spine Surgery
N. Dickman Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This is a guide to the new techniques of thoracoscopic spine surgery, containing hands-on instruction and guidelines from the pioneers in the field. There is an accompanying video atlas.... czytaj dalej

M. Meisner Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This work provides specific infection parameters for bacterial infections, and indicators for the inflammatory activity of sepsis and multi-organ failure. ... czytaj dalej

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