Biostatistics for the Health Sciences

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Data wydania: 2007
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ISBN: 978-0-13-117660-7
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Audience:Non-biostatistics majors in Colleges/Departments of Public Health, Allied Health Sciences, Nursing (with Ph.D. programs), and Medical Schools. Any course of study in which introductory biostatistics is required. Approach:Non-mathematical/theoretical but with in depth coverage of topics commonly included in biostatistics courses as well as topics not previously covered.  This book provides a solid foundation in introductory biostatistics with up-to-date methods, lucid explanations, and a modern approach.  KEY TOPICS: Explains commonly used biostatistical methods, such as odds and risk ratios, and Fisher's exact test, in a clear and thorough manner. Introduces equivalence testing in a variety of research settings. Presents nonparametric methods in a modern light, couched in the broader context of permutation-based methods. Provides real-world data with case studies consisting of synopses of published research. Provides step-by-step solutions to exercises, along with pertinent equations used in obtaining the solution and page numbers of relevant discussions.  MARKET: For health science students and professionals who need to increase their understanding of biostatistics.

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