ECDL Advanced Databases for Microsoft Office XP & Office 200

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-0-13-186650-8
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This comprehensive coursebook covers all aspects of the ECDL Advanced Databases module using one of the most powerful, but most feared piece of business software – the Access package of Microsoft Office XP/2003. It provides everything a student needs to pass the ECDL Advanced Databases certification test.As with ECDL: The Complete Coursebooks, these books promise to teach you everything you need to know to pass the relevant Advanced exam - nothing more and nothing less.Written by experienced trainers Paul Holden and Brendan Munnelly, the book offers clear, simple and friendly guidance on the Advanced module. Basic computer terms and concepts explained in plain English. Screen images and illustrations guide the student through the Microsoft Access application. "How-to" information based on practical examples of everyday tasks. Short cuts and insider tips drawn from the real-world experience of computer professionals. Summary of critical information at the end of each section. Easy-to-follow exercises in the book and on the CD-ROM to help you test your progress. Look up fields, calculated fields, Macros, Action queries, Find duplicated. Aimed at the more competent database user who needs to extract more sophisticated management data or organise data more efficiently.

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