Space Science & Technology for Geographical Research

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Space science and technology has grown multifold globally and Indian contribution to its growth over the years has been very significant. Further, its contribution in the domain of use of space derived data to a variety of Applications has also grown multifold, ever since the launch of IRS series of satellites in 1988. The wide research of Applications stands spread horizontally across the geographical boundaries, regions/sub-regions and cultural landscapes. This capability has also grown from vertical integration at different spatial scales, time series and platforms (satellite, aerial and ground) with the availability of GIS and Geoinformatics techniques. In the recent years, convergent of technologies like geospatial or geoinformatics have opened new vistas and challenges in the area of Earth Observation (EO) studies. Here, one could come across a number of good examples as amply demonstrated in the variety of collection of research articles as presented in this compendium of proceedings. Earth Observation (EO) from remote sensing platforms offer synoptic view, repetitive coverage of multispectral and spatial resolutions data, over macro, meso and micro areas. Such a data is highly useful to collate, inventories, evaluate and analyse the geosphere and biosphere resources and the processes with a high degree of reliability, accuracy and in a cost effective manner. In addition, GPS/GIS allows to integrate and model spatial and non-spatial data to oversee planning, management and decision making process. In the recent past, the telecommunication space systems are also strengthening the earth observation capability in the areas like tele-disaster, tele-medicine and tele-education in the country.

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