Workplace Communications The Basics

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-0-321-33068-0
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Workplace Communications: The Basicsis the first text specifically intended for applied writing courses in community college and other settings where many students are academically under-prepared and therefore intimidated by lengthy, theory-intensive tests. This text focuses instead on the basics of workplace writing by emphasizing practical applications. Written in a simple, conversational style, Workplace Communications is designed to be both accessible and useful, incorporating numerous examples, illustrations, and exercises. The new edition includes greatly increased coverage of technology in all areas of work-related communication including the job search, correspondence, oral communication, and research.Basic approach affords greater accessibility to the underprepared student. Focus is on the core topics most commonly covered in workplace communication courses at the community college level. Relatively brief treatment of key concepts is accessible to students and enables instructors to cover all the topics in the book in a single semester. Numerous examples and exercises, all based on actual workplace contexts, help students better understand key concepts by showing them how certain documents are prepared and then reinforcing the material with ample opportunities for practice. Helpful checklists allow students to measure their work against specific assessment criteria. Information on computer technology and its impact on the contemporary workplace is integrated throughout.

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