Dynamic Networks & Evolutionary Variational Inequalities

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-1-84376-929-3
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'Since the extraordinary impact of networks is self-evident today both in the field of telecommunications and transportation as well as in the field of economic and financial equilibria, the scientific work carried out by Patrizia Daniele appears as an outstanding resource. The author employs with uncommon competence mathematical topics that are at the forefront of the science, while at the same time enabling the reader to understand the matter treated without any difficulty. Moreover the reader is fascinated by the clarity, depth and soundness with which the evolutionary equilibria problems are studied and by the original efficient computational procedures which allow for the solving of many significant examples and concrete problems. Without any doubt the book represents a shining light and a necessary tool for scholars of pure and applied mathematics, for economists and engineers as well as for practitioners, general managers and managing directors.'- Antonino Maugeri, Universitŕ di Catania, ItalyThis book offers a comprehensive analysis of dynamic networks and evolutionary variational inequalities, a topic of growing prominence in the study of networks. The extraordinary importance of networks in finance, mathematics, computer science and other areas is well known but the relatively new concept of 'dynamic' networks is less well understood. They become dynamic when the constitutive elements of the phenomena associated with the fixed geometry of networks are considered to be evolving over time. Patrizia Daniele offers many numerical examples to illustrate the issues discussed and provides a broad appendix to enrich this challenging but deeply informative book.Researchers, students and practitioners in the areas of finance, economics, computer science, and mathematics will find this volume an indispensable resource in understanding the use and development of networks in their disciplines.

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