Evolution & Differentiation of the Continental Crust

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Data wydania: 2006
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The evolution and differentiation of the continental crust pose fundamental questions that are being addressed by new research concerning melting, melt extraction and transport through the crust, and the effect of melt on crustal rheology. Insights into crustal processes have been triggered by combined field observations and laboratory experiments, supported by developments in numerical modeling. Opening chapters cover the structure of the continents, controls on heat production and the composition, differentiation and evolution of continental crust. The role of arc magmatism in the Phanerozoic and crustal generation in the Archean are addressed. Two regional examples illustrate the modification and differentiation of continental crust. Process-oriented chapters cover melting, melt extraction and migration, and crustal rheology. The final chapters review the emplacement and growth of plutons and outline a modeling approach to the physical controls on crustal differentiation. This is a valuable summary of recent advances for graduate students and research workers.• Interdisciplinary approach • Combination of geological examples and experimental data • Large range of scales covered - from microscopic to continental

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