Handbook of Public Relations

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Data wydania: 2001
Kategoria: Ekonomia
ISBN: 978-0-7619-1286-6
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NEW IN PAPERBACK! `This handbook provides a comprehensive examination and review of the theory, academic research, and professional practices of the public relations discipline. Ninety leading scholars and practitioners from around the world provide insights into the historical and changing role of public relations in building relationships with "organizations, markets, audiences and publics".... The extensive bibliography includes more than 2000 references, some multidisciplinary, which serve to enhance understanding of public relations. The detailed index is user-friendly. A must for academic collections serving scholars, practitioners and students, upper-level undergraduate and graduate' - Choice The Handbook of Public Relations is a comprehensive and detailed examination of the field, it synthesizes current literature and is divided into five sections: Part One defines the field, explaining the role of public relations in society; Part Two examines the state of the practice by looking at cutting-edge issues in management, ethics, gender, evaluation, public relations, education and media; Part Three challenges academics and practitioners to identify best practices; Part Four looks at the challenges raised by new communication technologies; Part Five takes a global view, examining theories in international public relations and the trends in practice that will shape the field in the coming years.

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