Instrumentation Reference Book

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Data wydania: 2003
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ISBN: 978-0-7506-7123-1
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Instrumentation is not a clearly defined subject, having a fuzzy boundary with a number of other disciplines. This new edition addresses the various applications that may be needed with reference to the practical techniques that are available for the instrumentation or measurement of a specific physical quantity or quality. This makes it of direct interest to anyone working in the process, control and instrumentation fields where these measurements are essential. The latest edition of the Instrumentation Reference Book is a comprehensive and authoritative collection of technical information, which will be of direct practical value to instrumentation and control engineers as well as all instrument technicians and users. It will also be an indispensable addition to any academic library for the benefit of engineering and science students. Written by a collection of specialist contributors under the guidance of Walt Boyes, the third edition of this book (developed from the work originally published for more than 40 years as Jones Instrument Technology) has been updated to include chapters on the fieldbus standards, reliability, EMC, 'virtual instrumentation', fibre optics, smart and intelligent transmitters, analyzers, level and flow meters, and many more.

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