Introductory Semiconductor Device Physics

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2004
Kategoria: Popularnonaukowe
ISBN: 978-0-7503-1021-5
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"Introduction to Semiconductor Device Physics" is a popular and established text that offers a thorough introduction to the underlying physics of semiconductor devices. It begins with a review of basic solid state physics, then goes on to describe the properties of semiconductors including energy bands, the concept of effective mass, carrier concentration, and conduction in more detail. Thereafter the book is concerned with the principles of operation of specific devices, beginning with the Gunn Diode and the p-n junction. The remaining chapters cover the on specific devices, including the LED, the bipolar transistor, the field-effect transistor, and the semiconductor laser. The book concludes with a chapter providing a brief introduction to quantum theory. Not overtly mathematical, the book introduces only those physical concepts required for an understanding of the semiconductor devices being considered. The author's intuitive style, coupled with an extensive set of worked problems, make this the ideal introductory text for those concerned with understanding electrical and electronic engineering, applied physics, and related subjects.

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