Make No Mistake

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2001
Kategoria: Ekonomia
ISBN: 978-1-56327-227-1
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If you work for a company that emphasizes traditional quality control methods, it's unlikely that you've seen defects eliminated in spite of substantial efforts. Make No Mistake clarifies the reasons why such traditional methods fail and shows how world-class quality can be achieved at a fraction of the cost through mistake-proofing - the practice of controlling virtually every source of potential errors. Author C. Martin Hinckley has gathered here - for the first time in a single source - the best methods for reducing complexity, variation, confusion, and other root causes of defects. The centerpiece of the book is an outcome-based classification system for mistake-proofing that focuses on preventing rather than detecting defects. As the author states, 'The great value of mistake-proofing is that, independent of the cause, psychological factor, production stage or potential consequences, it blocks or warns about an undesired outcome at a point in the process when the consequences can be minimized.' Undesired outcomes include omitted parts, parts placed in the wrong orientation, and the use of incorrect information, among others thoroughly categorized by the author. When mistake-proofing practices are sorted according to specific outcomes, more similarities emerge in both the problems and the control methods than when organized by any other approach. Thus this technique provides the fastest and easiest means for identifying alternative mistake-proofing concepts. Hinckley's new classification system is the key to rapidly finding outstanding solutions to current problems on the shop floor. Make no Mistake! Covers all aspects of mistake-proofing, and includes: Over 200 mistake-proofing examples from varied industries Easy-to-use mistake-proofing documentation forms you can use on the job Introduction to principles of mistake proofing and design for assembly A quick, step-by-step methodology for developing superior mistake-proofing concepts Listing of select suppliers of mistake-proofing devices.

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