Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-1-4129-1183-2
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Includes a CD-rom! Derek Haylock's highly acclaimed and comprehensive guide effectively equips teachers with the confidence to explain mathematical ideas and procedures to pupils in ways that will deepen their understanding and enhance their development in the subject. This expanded Third Edition has been thoroughly updated, with new examples and references. It now covers all requirements of The National Curriculum for Primary Schools, the requirements for Initial Teacher Training, and The National Numeracy Strategy, and includes: " An expanded chapter on mathematical reasoning " Detailed explanations based on frequently asked questions " Teaching points distributed throughout the text " Summaries of relevant research findings " Self assessment questions to aid self study " Annotated suggestions for further reading " A useful glossary of mathematical terms in each chapter. The new edition also includes a fantastic bonus CD with useful check-ups from Derek Haylock's Numeracy for Teaching, as well as a full glossary of the mathematical terms used in the new edition of Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers. This book is the essential guide to primary maths for ages 5-11.

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