Okładka książki - Software Forensics

Software Forensics

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2004
Kategoria: Informatyczne
ISBN: 978-0-07-142804-0
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From one of the worlds foremost investigators of computer viruses comes this comprehensive tutorial on solving cybercrimes and bringing perpetrators to justice. Author Robert M. Slade's Software Forensics provides expert instruction in tracking and identifying cybercriminals. A professional security consultant to Fortune 500 companies since 1987. Slade teaches you the tools and methods he uses to find the invisible 'DNA' on malicious computer code. There is no better or faster way for programmers, security analysts and consultants, security officers in the enterprise, application developers, lawyers, judges, and anyone else interested in solving cybercrime to get up to speed on forensic programming tools and methods and the nature of cyberevidence. INTRODUCTION Chapter 1: Introduction to Software Forensics Chapter 2: The Players--Hackers, Crackers, Phreaks, and Other Doodz Chapter 3: Software Codes and Analysis Tools Chapter 4: Advanced Tools Chapter 5: Law and Ethics--Software Forensics in Court Chapter 6: Computer Virus and Malware Concepts and Background Chapter 7: Programming Cultures and Indicators Chapter 8: Stylistic Analysis and Linguistic Forensics Chapter 9: Authorship Analysis REFERENCES AND RESOURCES INDEX

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