Okładka książki - Marine Ecology

Marine Ecology

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2005
Kategoria: b.d
ISBN: 978-0-19-924975-6
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Description Rich pedagogy ensures that key concepts and principles are crystal clear and fully supported by illuminating examples, making the text easy to understand and learn fromCoverage of a diverse range of marine systems makes it a valuable text for a broad range of marine-based coursesCareful structuring into well-defined, logical sections facilitates ease and flexibility of useA modern perspective places emphasis on those factors impacting upon the marine environment which are of particular global importance and concern so that students become familiar with those issues which most concern marine ecologists todayOnline Resource Centre features images from the book available to download to make lecture preparation easier, and a web link library of all web sites cited in the text for ease of access by students The oceans cover a majority of the Earth's surface; they influence our climate, and provide a valuable source of food. Yet, despite its fundamental impact on our lives, many aspects of the marine environment remain a mystery to us: the deep sea contains habitats which we understand no better than the surface of other planets.Marine Ecology: Processes, Systems, and Impacts offers a carefully balanced, stimulating survey of marine ecology, introducing the key processes and systems from which the marine environment is formed, and the issues and challenges which surround its future conservation.Marine biology is a broad discipline, which examines both the organisms (fishes, plants etc.) which live in marine environments (marine zoology), and the interactions that occur between these organisms and their surrounding environment (marine ecology). In contrast, marine ecology, as a discipline, does not examine the biology of the organisms themselves, but focuses on how they interact DS at the level of individuals, populations, and communities, how marine ecosystems are maintained, and how these systems can be damaged by external influences, including human activity.Opening with an overview of those processes which are central to an understanding of marine ecology, the book goes on to explore the diverse systems from which the marine environment is composed, from estuaries to seabeds, the deep sea to polar regions. The final section examines those human activities that impact upon the marine environment - fisheries, aquaculture, pollution, and global warming - before considering the measures that can be taken to mitigate the adverse effects of man on this complex, fragile environment.The book draws on examples from around the globe to enliven the text and put key concepts and issues in a real world context. It incorporates many detailed case studies to add further levels of depth and insight, and striking illustrations, which include many colour images, to bring visual impact to the material presented. The importance of understanding and conserving the marine environment has never been more apparent. Marine Ecology: Processes, Systems, and Impacts is an essential resource for any student wishing to develop a well balanced, informed understanding of this fascinating subject.

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