Implementing IT in Construction

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Contrary to stereotype, the construction industry has embraced IT with some vigour. Computers are used effectively across the sector and this use is increasing. A range of new issues have emerged in consequence. This practical book draws on direct industrial experience and examines the role of IT within a range of enterprises operating in the construction and property industry. Emphasis is given to the human side of IT and the effects of the implementation of IT systems on them. The functionality of the IT systems is considered, as is the design brief and the operation of the applications. Case reviews of a range of applications are discussed and issues arising from their implementation are explored. Pitfalls, benefits and experience shapers are reviewed and presented systematically so the reader can consider these in the light of their own experience. Presenting key drivers for advanced students and for professionals who may have to face these issues in the future, "Implementing IT in Construction" presents clearly the value of IT implementation and the benefits of a number of IT applications.

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