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Impact of UV Disinfection on Biological Stability
Gagnon Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Interest in UV disinfection has increased significantly in recent years, due its ability to inactivate Cryptosporidium parvum. Although UV disinfection shows significant promise for inactivation of Cryptosporidium... czytaj dalej

Flow Cytometry in Neoplastic Hematology
W. Gorczyca Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Flow cytometry is a fast means of reaching a diagnosis in many cases in hematopathology, and is becoming ever more popular as the front line in clinical practice, interesting even those with no basic training... czytaj dalej

Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice
A. Kanarek Wydawnictwo: brak danych

Lack of GMP compliance is no joke. DMD's Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice provides pharmaceutical and biological companies with assistance in compliance with the GMP rules laid down by the USA, Canada and... czytaj dalej

Performance Stability Dynamics & Control of Airplanes
B. Pamadi Wydawnictwo: inne

This provides a comprehensive and integrated exposure to airplane performance, stability, dynamics, and flight control. Basic aerodynamics, dynamics, and linear control systems are presented. In this text,... czytaj dalej

Ballenger's Manual of Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surger
Snow Wydawnictwo: inne

Ballenger's Manual Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, 16th Edition presents synopses of 47 chapters of the book that address clinical problems, diagnosis and management. These clinically oriented synopses... czytaj dalej

Esthetics In Dentistry v.2
R. Goldstein Wydawnictwo: inne

Esthetic dentistry is the ultimate challenge for the restorative dentist. Not only must the restoration look good, but it must also function well and endure the test of time.This volume is designed to present... czytaj dalej

Dyslexia-friendly Primary School
B. Pavey Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Is your school dyslexia-friendly? Beginning with a look at understanding dyslexia, this book shows you how to involve the whole school in order to achieve a dyslexia-friendly environment. You will be able to:... czytaj dalej

Contracts for Counselling & Psychotherapy
C. Sills Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Any kind of therapeutic relationship requires a clear agreement between the counsellor and the client. This second edition of "Contracts in Counselling and Psychotherapy" continues to be one of the... czytaj dalej

All You Need to Know About Action Research
J. McNiff Wydawnictwo: angielskie

What is action research? Why do action research? When should one use action research? How does one become an action researcher? Leading practioners, Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead provide a brilliantly written... czytaj dalej

N. Campbell Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Neil Campbell and Jane Reece's BIOLOGY remains unsurpassed as the most successful majors biology textbook in the world. This text has invited more than 4 million students into the study of this dynamic and... czytaj dalej

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