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Sediment Risk Management & Communication 3 vol
Heise Wydawnictwo: brak danych

In dynamic river systems, effective and sustainable risk management of sediments, contaminants and their sources must be carried out on a river basin scale. A diversity of interests and risk perceptions, whether... czytaj dalej

Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook
B. Feig Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Written by current and former surgical oncology fellows of the world-renowned M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, this portable handbook is a practical guide to established surgical oncology principles for each organ... czytaj dalej

Teaching Adolescents
H. Smith Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Grounded in the semiotic thought of Charles Sanders Peirce, America's greatest polymath, Howard A. Smith's "Teaching Adolescents" addresses topics in educational psychology from a semiotic or sign-based... czytaj dalej

Bryan Greetham Wydawnictwo: Macmillan

This is a clear, accessible introduction to the method and subject of Philosophy. Written to meet the needs of students, there are clear note structures at the end of each chapter to help students use the ideas... czytaj dalej

Moving Targets
L. Buck Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Building on her bestselling "Moving Targets" (1997), Louisa Buck presents "Moving Targets 2" - a fully updated and greatly expanded survey of the key players, places and presences that are... czytaj dalej

Sarah Lucas
Collings Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Sarah Lucas is one of the best known of the so-called young British artists that came to prominence in the 1990s. Active in a variety of media including sculpture, photography and installation, her perennial... czytaj dalej

Mass-mediated Terrorism
Nacos Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The second edition of the award-winning "Mass-Mediated Terrorism" features a new chapter on public opinion and is updated with analyses of the Iraq war, increasing terrorist attacks abroad, and subsequent... czytaj dalej

Intelligent Educational Machines
N. Nedjah Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The Artificial Intelligence and Education is an ever-growing research area. It uses artificial intelligence tools and techniques to provide the foundations for intelligent tutoring and learning systems. The... czytaj dalej

Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction
Samper Wydawnictwo: brak danych

Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction provides practicing veterinarians with a concise and up-to-date source of information regarding the equine reproductive process. Coverage of the mare includes the reproductive... czytaj dalej

Vegetable Brassicas & Related Crucifers
Dixon Wydawnictwo: brak danych

The Brassica crops provide the greatest diversity of products derived from a single genus. As vegetables they deliver leaves, flowers, stems and roots that are used either fresh or in processed forms. This... czytaj dalej

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Stephen King
Dom na granicy
Anna Wojtkowska-Witala ;
Najważniejsze to przeżyć
Ałbena Grabowska
W. & W. Gregory
Tango z rożnem
Iwona Banach
Domki z kart
Anna Ziobro
Ostatni trop Kopernika
Marcin Przewoźniak
Kirstin Chen