Filling Out Job Applications
S. McDavid Wydawnictwo: inne

Get That Job! is an eight-book series that targets adult learners to improve communication and language skills to aid them in getting jobs. Real-life activities prepare students for real job-search situations... czytaj dalej

Romantic Moods Paranoia, Trauma, and Melancholy, 1790-1840
T. Pfau Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Thomas Pfau reinterprets the evolution of British and German Romanticism as a progress through three successive dominant moods each manifested in the "voice" of historical moment. Drawing on a multifaceted... czytaj dalej

Burkharts View of the Shoulder
Burkhart Wydawnictwo: angielskie

From a world-famous pioneer in arthroscopic shoulder surgery comes the first step-by-step "how-to" guide to advanced techniques in shoulder arthroscopy. Dr. Burkhart describes the innovative techniques... czytaj dalej

Manual of Neurologic Therapeutics
Samuels Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The thoroughly revised, updated Seventh Edition of this best-selling SpiralŽ Manual is a practical, accessible guide to the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disorders. Completely reorganised for faster... czytaj dalej

Manual of Family Practice
R. Taylor Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This title provides concise information on the full spectrum of clinical problems in primary care. Written from the family physician's perspective, it emphasizes ambulatory care, plus pertinent hospital-based... czytaj dalej

Handbook of Interventional Radiologic Procedures 3ed
Krishna Kandarpa Wydawnictwo: angielskie

These volumes provide guidance from the leaders in the field on the decision-making process which governs choice of treatment of paediatric orthopaedic diseases and conditions, normal and abnormal states are... czytaj dalej

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain & Spine 2 vols
Atlas Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Now expanded to two volumes, the Third Edition of this classic text is the definitive encyclopedia on cranial and spinal MRI. This edition features new chapters on functional neuroanatomy, diffusion MRI, perfusion... czytaj dalej

Perpetual Motion
G. Gibson Wydawnictwo: brak danych

Set in southern Ontario in the late nineteenth century, at a time when the machine age was coming into its own, Perpetual Motion chronicles the fortunes of settler Robert Fraser, a man obsessed with power and... czytaj dalej

Handbook of Organizational Discourse
Grant Wydawnictwo: angielskie

An increasingly significant body of management literature is applying discursive forms of analysis to a range of organizational issues. This emerging arena of research is not only important in providing new... czytaj dalej

Handbook of Historical Sociology
Delanty Wydawnictwo: angielskie

`The overall conception of the volume is absolutely splendid, and the editors skilfully place the material in the context of disciplinary and post-disciplinary developments in sociology. This is a major contribution... czytaj dalej

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