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Sense of Dance
C. Schrader Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Everyone has the capacity to dance right now. With A Sense of Dance, you will learn about the physical expression of dance, gain confidence in your movement potential, and discover your own creativity. Written... czytaj dalej

I Can Add Up
R. Gibson Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The Usborne Playtime series features fun act ivities combined with opportunities for learning and practis ing essential pre-school skills. I Can Add Up develops the s kill of ''counting on'' which leads to... czytaj dalej

Stories of Giants
G. Harvey Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This series of books combine good stories with easy reading text for children aged five to six years and over who have just started reading alone. The series has been developed with Alison Kelly who is an expert in early reading.... czytaj dalej

Dictionary of Computing
S. Collin Wydawnictwo: inne

With over 11,000 entries providing contemporary coverage of computing terms, this fully revised edition of 'Dictionary of Computing' provides coverage of the terms used in computing, including hardware, software... czytaj dalej

Check Your Vocabulary for English for Academic Purposes
Porter Wydawnictwo: inne

This edition features a range of activities to help students learn and revise the non-technical vocabulary essential for the study of any subject at a UK university. ... czytaj dalej

England's Leonardo
Chapman Wydawnictwo: angielskie

2003 marked the 300th anniversary of the death of Robert Hooke. All physicists are familiar with Hooke's Law of springs, but few will know of his theory of combustion, or that his "Micrographia" was... czytaj dalej

Laceys of Liverpool
M. Lee Wydawnictwo: Orion

Vivacious Alice Lacey couldn't be more different from her sister in law, the bitter, ambitious Cora. Alice is married to John, Cora to his hapless younger brother, Billie. Both women give birth to sons on one... czytaj dalej

Soldiers as Police
E. Johansen Wydawnictwo: inne

This book looks at the policing of social and political protest and of the role played by the French and Prussian armies in maintaining public order in the years leading up to the First World War. The period... czytaj dalej

Employment Contracts and Well-being Among European Workers
N. de Cuyper Wydawnictwo: inne

Temporary employment contracts are now commonplace in business. However the move towards such employment structures has a significant, and hitherto little understood impact on 'the psychological contract' between... czytaj dalej

Advancing Family Theories
J. White Wydawnictwo: angielskie

`A perfect companion text for graduate courses on family theories. It is refreshing to have a single author pull no punches in articulating a viewpoint on where we have gone astray in family theory and how... czytaj dalej

Recenzje miesiąca
Stephen King
Najważniejsze to przeżyć
Ałbena Grabowska
Tango z rożnem
Iwona Banach
Domki z kart
Anna Ziobro
Ostatni trop Kopernika
Marcin Przewoźniak
Kirstin Chen
Krwawe srebrniki
Robert M. Rynkowski ;
Martín Caparrós