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Nanotechnology Societal Implications 2 vols
M. Roco Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology promise to have major impacts on human health, wealth, and peace in the coming decades. Among the expected breakthroughs are orders of magnitude increases in computer... czytaj dalej

Allan King
S. Feldman Wydawnictwo: angielskie

For nearly half a century, Canadian filmmaker Allan King changed the way film and television show us the world whether we were ready for it or not. His work has been described by critics as "shattering... czytaj dalej

Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care
L. Griffin Wydawnictwo: inne

Essentials helps colleagues of orthopaedic surgeons (including primary care physicians) diagnose, treat and manage 300+ of the most commonly seen musculoskeletal conditions. NEW to this edition: physical therapy... czytaj dalej

Confidentiality Psychoanalysis Ethics & the Law
Ch Levin Wydawnictwo: inne

Linking general issues of privacy to the intimate details of psychotherapeutic encounter, this text should serve as a basic guide to a wide range of professionals, including lawyers, social scientists, philosophers... czytaj dalej

Changing Kids Games
D. Morris Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Helps physical education teachers plan, modify, present, and evaluate movement games for children of all abilities in grades K-8. Outlines step-by-step procedures for modifying games, shows how to involve others... czytaj dalej

Dog and Its Genome
Ostrander Wydawnictwo: inne

Dogs of different breeds can range remarkably in size, shape, and behaviour, and yet they all carry essentially the same genome, making them a particularly fascinating model for genome plasticity. The recent... czytaj dalej

Translational Control of Gene Expression
N. Sonenberg Wydawnictwo: inne

Since the 1996 publication of "Translational Control", there has been fresh interest in protein synthesis and recognition of the key role of translational control mechanisms in regulating gene expression... czytaj dalej

A to Z of DNA Science
J. Witherly Wydawnictwo: inne

Medical science constantly demands our attention, as patients or relatives, concerned citizens, or simply curious individuals. But for those without training, the language of science is often hard to follow... czytaj dalej

Germ Zappers
F. Balkwill Wydawnictwo: inne

Planet Earth can be a dangerous place for all living creatures, including you. You can usually escape from erupting volcanoes and floods. You can protect your body from the blazing sun and freezing snow. But... czytaj dalej

Experimental Techniques and Design in Composite Materials 5
P. Priolo Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The application of composite materials in structural industrial components of large volume production is strongly growing year by year due to both increase in the demand and continuous improvements in the... czytaj dalej