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Pediatric Acute Care
M. Lieh-Lai Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Now in its Second Edition, this best-selling handbook is an ideal pocket reference for managing acutely ill pediatric patients. This handy guide provides quick access to relevant information with the use of... czytaj dalej

Hand Surgery 2 vols
A. Weiss Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Edited by rising stars in orthopaedic surgery, this book is written by internationally recognised experts in hand surgery. The book begins with a basic science section on pathophysiology of the hand, wrist... czytaj dalej

Phlebotomy Essentials
Ruth McCall Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This updated Third Edition provides accurate, practical information and instruction in phlebotomy procedures and techniques with a comprehensive background in theory and principles. This new edition reflects... czytaj dalej

Principles & Practice of Radiation Oncology 4e
Perez Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This much needed and anticipated third edition of the primary reference text for radiation oncologists is edited and written by the recognized pioneers and leaders in the field of radiotherapy. The second edition... czytaj dalej

Principles & Practice of Dialysis
Henrich Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Recommended in the Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals for the small medical library - April 2001 2003This book offers an evidence-based review of the practical challenges of caring for... czytaj dalej

Radiobiology For The Radiologist
Hall Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The updated Sixth Edition of this popular text will remain the first choice for those who need current, clinically relevant information on how radiation affects the human body. Written by practicing, active... czytaj dalej

Manual of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests
Fischbach Wydawnictwo: angielskie

In full color for the first time, this leading comprehensive reference covers a broad range of laboratory and diagnostic tests and studies, grouped according to specimen and function/test type (e.g. blood,... czytaj dalej

Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex
Eriksen Wydawnictwo: angielskie

Every chiropractic professional and researcher should read and own a copy of this invaluable resource. It gives readers and enhanced understanding of the upper cervical spine basic science, theoretic science... czytaj dalej

High Yield Internal Medicine 2e
Olson Wydawnictwo: angielskie

As part of the popular High-Yield„˘ Series, this updated Second Edition provides a concise review in outline format of internal medicine for students preparing for the USMLE. ... czytaj dalej

Gleason Grading Prostatic Adenocarcinoma
B. Mahul Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This atlas is the first comprehensive and definitive reference devoted to Gleason grading, the system used to determine prostate cancer stages. Written by four eminent authorities in urological pathology, the... czytaj dalej