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For the undergraduate and graduate e-commerce course in any discipline including marketing, information systems, economics, management, finance and accounting majors. This comprehensive, market-leading text emphasizes the three major driving forces behind e-commerce: technology change, business development, and social controversies. Each of these driving forces is represented in every chapter, and together they provide a coherent conceptual framework for understanding e-commerce, typical of Laudon books. The book offers in-depth and comprehensive coverage of concepts in marketing, economics, IS/IT, privacy and intellectual property. The book contains numerous case studies and an additional case book is available.  This comprehensive, market-leading text emphasizes the three major driving forces behind e-commerce: technology change, business development, and social controversies. Do you take a managerial approach to this course versus a technical approach? In addition to business, do you also cover legal and societal issues? Wouldyou be interested in a book that provides you with a coherent pedagogical framework that makes it easy for your students to understand the subject matter, helps them relate to the text, and makes it easier for you to teach? Conceptual framework built around the themes of Business, Technology, and Society.  Helps students understand the relationships among e-commerce business concerns, technology and the social and legal implications of e-commerce to make sense out of a broad new field of study. {See "Insight on" cases in Chapter 4, Building an E-commerce Website}Do you want a book that is so well written that your students will thank you for assigning it? Accessible and Engaging. As authors we try to engage students and present the concepts in a logical fashion with clear explanations to makeeven those complicated topics accessible. {See reviews posted on Amazon.com, one below}"This is a college level textbook that is actually interesting. It is very well written and most importantly, it is NOT boring. It's amazing how easy it is to read such a large book in a short amount of time when the book is well written."Would you like your students to leave this class with the ability to perform an in-depth business, strategic and financial analysis of an e-commerce company? E-commerce in Action Cases. For each company, the authors identify the vision of the company, analyze its financial performance, review its current strategy, and assess the future prospects for the firm. E-commerce in Action cases combine business, strategic and financial analysis.  {See Chapter 10: E-commerce in Action: Amazon} Do you want a book that synthesizes the most up-to-date research and data and presents it in an easy to understand and engaging format? Current research literature and market information. Highlights the latest e-commerce research findings, as well as many classic articles, in all chapters of the text. Includes numerous tables and figures drawn from eMarketer, Jupiter Research, Forrester Research, Gartner, etc. in every chapter. References for each chapter include citations to the most recent research. OTHER POINTS OF DIFFERENTIATION Do you want a book that takes a hard and realistic look at the world of e-commerce, describing both what's working and what isn't, rather than presenting just a rose-colored or purely "academic" viewpoint? Each chapter includes: An opening case study.Opens with a story about a well-known e-commerce company and relates the key objectives to a real-life e-commerce business venture.Insight On cases. Each chapter contains three real-world, short cases illustrating the themes of business, technology, and social issues.An in-depth closing case study with probing questions and essay assignments.Each chapter concludes with case studies based on a well-known e-commerce firm. These cases help students synthesize chapter concepts and apply their knowledge to solve concrete problems.Extensive End-of-Chapter Assignment Material Includes key concepts, review questions, projects, and web resources to reinforce chapter content.Would you like to emphasize the impact e-commerce has on the different functional areas of business, such as marketing, finance, accounting, business and economics?Balanced coverage of Functional Areas of Business. Marketing Emphasis.  In-depth coverage of marketing and advertising in e-commerce.  This text includes 2 chapters in marketing, and marketing concepts are used throughout the text such as market segmentation, personalization, data base marketing, click stream analysis, bundling of digital goods, and dynamic pricing.  This is a unique feature of the book.  Finance and Accounting.  Arguably the only e-commerce book that brings a basic understanding of finance and accounting issues to the e-commerce textbook market.  E-commerce in Action cases in Chapters 10-14, along with additional cases in the Case Book, critically examine the financial statements of leading, public firms that have an e-commerce presence.   Not advanced finance, but provides exposure to general financial analysis skills for finance, accounting and general business students.  Business and Economics Concepts.  This text is not just a travelogue through the world of e-commerce, but a series of well-written essays that use many basic business concepts students learn in other business courses. These concepts (such as competitive advantage, economies of scale, barriers to entry, switching costs, substitution of products, Porter's competitive model, menu costs, transaction costs, price discrimination, customer "lock-in",  network effects, and search costs, among others) are used throughout the book and explained in appropriate chapters. What type of examples do you use to motivate students? Do you want a book that will be easy for your students to relate to?Real business focus. Uses extensive real-world, brand-name company examples (Amazon, Google, eBay, Yahoo, Priceline, LLBean, Netflix, ESPN, REI, etc.) in every chapter to make material relevant to readers. The Case Book contains ten additional cases examining well-known companies involved in e-commerce.Do you want to highlight social, legal and ethical issues raised by e-commerce with your students?Social, legal and ethical aspects of e-commerce. In addition to an entire chapter devoted to a thorough exploration of the major social, legal and ethical implications of e-commerce (including information privacy, intellectual property, governance, and protecting public welfare on the Internet), each chapter contains material related to these issues.Would you like to have access to additional cases emphasizing e-commerce marketing and business analysis?Companion Casebook. Includes 5 marketing cases and 5 E-commerce in Action business analysis cases. The cases include: I. Marketing Concepts and Marketing Communications Cases Case 1: P& G: Two Moments of Truth in the Age of the Internet.  Case 2: Avon Calling: A "Rep-Centric" Web Marketing Model.  Case 3: Reed Elsevier Internet Marketing Strategy: Digital Bundling and "The Big Deal" Drive Net Profits but Rouse Opposition.  Case 4: Advergames: Engage Your Customer, Get Personal, Make a Sale, Have Fun.  Case 5 We Interrupt This E-mail to Bring You an Important Video From Your Sponsor.   II. E-Commerce in Action Cases Case 1: RedEnvelope: Unique Gifts in Short SupplyCase 2: InsWeb and the Online Insurance MarketCase 3: WebMD: RX for the Nation's Medical IllsCase 4: Ask Jeeves: the Butler KnowsCase 5: RealNetworks: Media Player to Media Portal 

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