.NET Internationalization

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Data wydania: 2006
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Developers working for multinational companies or organizations need to understand how to write applications that can be localized. They need to understand what design and coding considerations should be thought through in advance to enable easy localization. If they don't, they are faced with having to rebuild an application from scratch. Version 2.0 of the .NET Framework provides the most comprehensive support of any development platform for internationalizing applications, both desktop and web-based. This book shows developers how to write both desktop and web-based applications which are globalized, or culturally aware, and that are localizable, or easy to change to fit different cultures. The author has developed internationalized applications in four different development environments, and has been working with .NET since the first public beta. While there is some information scattered on the web, he presents valuable information and techniques in this book that are available nowhere else, such as how to automatically translate resources, how to create custom resource managers and custom cultures, new FxCop globalization rules, and proven strategies for including the translator in the internationalization process. Every chapter offers practical solutions to real-world internationalization problems.As business becomes more and more international, it is increasingly important that computer applications be international as well The author is a leading developer of internationalized applications By incorporating a global friendly application from the start developers can save their companies millions of dollars Fully up to date for Visual Studio 2005

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