Abnormal Psychology With Mind Map CD-ROM & PowerWeb

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2006
Kategoria: Medycyna i zdrowie
ISBN: 978-0-07-110823-2
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Authored by award-winning teacher and noted researcher Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, this text blends cutting-edge research in psychopathology with compassion for people who suffer from psychological disorders. Capturing the excitement of major advances in biological and psychosocial research and treatment alternatives, Abnormal Psychology imparts a true enthusiasm for and appreciation of scientific investigation. The author's scientific and caring approach, combined with strong study tools, has won accolades from instructors and students alike. The fourth edition reflects greater emphasis on integrated approaches to abnormal psychology, a constant drive to make biological information clear to students, and a stronger focus on empirical research and diversity.Expanded discussions of culture and gender are integrated into the text as material critical to the understanding of mental disorders. This edition presents new research and debates, such as the debate on the impact of culture on the diagnosis of personality disorders. "Voices" sections in every chapter give students subjective accounts from people who live with mental disorders: one example is a selection from the autobiography of Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychologist who suffers from bipolar disorder. These excerpts help students gain a deeper understanding of the symptoms and the impact of mental illness on peopleżs lives. "Taking Psychology Personally" boxes address the personal concerns that many students bring to the Abnormal Psychology course, including practical topics such as how to look for a therapist and how to support a loved one. Case studies embedded in the text describe symptoms and treatment from real case files, introducing students to the clinical context of abnormal psychology. Effective learning tools help students identify the most important information in this text; among them are DSM-IV-TR Tables, which list the symptoms and criteria for diagnosis of each major disorder, and "Concept Overviews," which summarize key material in table form and in figures that provide a visual summary. Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive is a unique web-based learning environment that provides students with an opportunity to observe and evaluate real patients. Students are able to explore the diagnostic process, improve their clinical judgment, and design appropriate clinical treatments. Faces Interactive also includes a variety of tools that allow the faculty to monitor student progress within the program. Integrative bio-psycho-social models of mental disorders are featured in each chapter, showing students the impact of biological and psychosocial factors on most disorders; where appropriate, these models are discussed and illustrated with regard to individual disorders. The "Chapter Integration" section at the end of each chapter describes an integrative approach to the group of disorders discussed and illustrates this approach with a new figure. New diagrams of the brain throughout the book highlight the parts of the brain implicated in each disorder. "Extraordinary People," a popular feature that highlights people who are living with a psychological disorder, now opens and closes each chapter. People such as Nobel Prize winner John Nash introduce students to the characteristics of a mental disorder and give them a sense of how the individual is living with the disorder and its consequences. Cutting-edge empirical research integrated throughout introduces students to the most important new work by the best and brightest researchers and illustrates where the field is going (e.g., a new section on repetitive transcrannial magnetic stimulation).

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