Adhesive Bonding in Photonics Assembly & Packaging

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Data wydania: 2003
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Adhesive Bonding in Photonics Assembly and Packaging deals with basic principles and the most up to date technology of adhesive bonding used for photonics assembly and packaging. Adhesive bonding is extensively employed in a wide variety of applications in microelectronics and photonics assemblies and packaging, manufacturing of optoelectronic and fiber-optic components, and of medical devices. For such a wide variety of applications, it is important to identify and develop compatible and reliable adhesive bonding techniques targeting specific applications. Photocuring of adhesives is becoming one of the most preferred methods due to the advantages related to the capabilities of instant cure, cure-on-demand, increased production speed, and ease of automation. It is critical to understand the adhesion, optical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties of such adhesives. The main objective of this book is to provide a complete coverage of adhesive bonding used in photonics assembly and packaging.An excellent reference source on adhesive bonding for optical and photonics components and assemblies Description of optical and photonics components and assemblies. Summary of the basic principles of adhesive bonding, types of adhesives and applications of adhesives. Description of the processes and methods related to optical radiation curing. Applications of adhesive bonding in assembling photonics structures and devices The issues related to the reliability and degradation of optical adhesive bonding Description of properties of adhesives that determine their applications, the importance of design considerations related to specific optical assemblies, issues related to cleanliness and contamination removal, and the stresses, degradation and reliability.

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