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Data wydania: 2006
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What is AJAX? Is it a language? Is it a product? It is neither. AJAX is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications using a combination of technologies such as XHTML, Javascript, and CSS. When these technologies are used in conjunction with each other, the slickness of a desktop application becomes attainable on the Web. Because of this capability, AJAX is taking the web community by storm. Google serves as the poster child for this phenenomenon(a current search of the term on Google itself yields more than 7 million results) and other companies are quickly following suit. This book is an example-based overview of each technology AJAX uses. By using substantial amounts of code, the book introduces each technology and then shows how to combine the elements of each to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Starting with a few simple techniques and adding the more complex techniques as each prior one is mastered, the reader is given an understanding of the concepts behind AJAX while simultaneously creating RIAs. For instance, if the reader is only comfortable with HTML and JavaScript - there are recipes for AJAX that require only those two elements. The reader will have the ability to stop reading at any time and employ the techniques that have been covered to that point. Specific coverage that will appeal to the open source developer community has also been included, such as Ruby on Rails, KDE, GNOME, and Firefox.The Easy, Example-Based Guide to Ajax for Every Web Developer Using Ajax, you can build Web applications with the sophistication and usability of traditional desktopapplications and you can do it using standards and open source software. Now, for the first time,there's an easy, example-driven guide to Ajax for every Web and open source developer, regardless ofexperience. Edmond Woychowsky begins with simple techniques involving only HTML and basic JavaScript. Then,one step at a time, he introduces techniques for building increasingly rich applications. Don't worry ifyou're not an expert on Ajax's underlying technologies; Woychowsky offers refreshers on them, fromJavaScript to the XMLHttpRequest object. You'll also find multiple open source technologies and openstandards throughout, ranging from Firefox to Ruby and MySQL. You'll not only learn how to write "functional" code, but also master design patterns for writing rocksolid,high-performance Ajax applications. You'll also learn how to use frameworks such as Ruby onRails to get the job done fast. Learn how Ajax works, how it evolved, and what it's good forUnderstand the flow of processing in Ajax applicationsBuild Ajax applications with XML and the XMLHttpRequest objectIntegrate back-end code, from PHP to C#Use XSLT and XPath, including XPath AxisDevelop client-side Ajax libraries to support code reuseStreamline development with Ruby on Rails and the Ruby programming languageUse the cross-browser HTML DOM to update parts of a pageDiscover the best Ajax Web resources, including Ajax-capable JavaScript libraries

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