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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-2-84323-772-0
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When Barbie was born in 1959, Barbie was an instant success in the stores. Originally conceived as a “teenage model dressed in the latest style,” Barbie soon boasted a full range of clothing and accessories, complete with evening dresses, daytime suits, jeans, beachwear, shoes, handbags, and more.Over the years, she diligently kept up with the quick pace of changing fashions from the minidress of the sixties to the maxicoat of the seventies. By the eighties and nineties, however, Barbie’s wardrobe entered a whole new dimension of elegance when the world’s most renowned couturiers introduced original designs created exclusively for her. In this delightfully illustrated volume, we find a spectacular gallery of these dazzling ensembles.Born in 1965, Frederic Beigbeder graduated from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris. He is the author of numerous successful novels. He is currently a literary correspondent for the French publications Voici and Figaro.

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