Okładka książki - D.Gray-man tom 7

D.Gray-man tom 7

Wydawnictwo: inne
Data wydania: 2005-01-01
Kategoria: Komiksy
ISBN: 1421510553
Liczba stron: 192
Dodał/a książkę: Regalia

Ocena: 5 (1 głosów)

Allen has disappeared. Lavi and Lenalee rush to find him, only to wind up confronting a horde of akuma pursuing Allen's golem Timcanpy. After dealing with this they are ordered to continue their mission without Allen, his place to be taken by a new Exorcist--Miranda Lotto. Allen, meanwhile, wakes up inside the Asian Branch of the Black Ministry to the sobering reality that he has lost his Innocence!

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