Digital Broadcasting

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-1-84542-371-1
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Digital television is transforming both broadcasting and, as a result of convergence, the larger world of communications. The impending analogue switch-off will have a major impact on households all over the developed world. Digital Broadcasting considers the effects of digital television on the availability, price and nature of broadcast services in the Americas, Europe and Japan. It shows how this depends upon what platforms - cable, satellite, fixed or wireless broadband - countries have available for use and also upon government policies and regulatory interventions. The authors show how policies towards digital television are also closely linked with spectrum - for example, whether to use spectrum released from analogue broadcasting for mobile communications or for broadcasting, including the newly developed mobile broadcasting. This is one of the key technological changes of the early 21st century and its development will affect many countries' economies and societies. The book has an invaluably broad coverage of the economic and commercial issues involved in digital television in major regions and countries around the world.Regulators, executives and consultants in the broadcasting and communications sector will find much to engage them within the book. Researchers and academics of industrial and public sector economics will also find the book of great interest. Students in media studies or business courses can also use the book as additional reading.

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