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Data wydania: 2007
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ISBN: 978-0-19-929138-0
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Munday's Evidence provides students with a succinct yet thought-provoking introduction to all of the key areas covered on undergraduate law of evidence courses. Clear and engagingly written, this book sets out to demystify a traditionally intimidating area of law. Probing analysis of the issues, both perennial and topical, ensures that this text contains a thorough exploration of the 'core' of the subject. In addition to covering all the major topics within the law of evidence, this book examines key concepts such as relevance and the court's discretion to exclude technically admissible evidence. This edition has been carefully and comprehensively updated to include all vital new developments in the law of evidence, in particular extensive consideration of the full ramifications of the Criminal Justice Act 2003. This lively, sometimes critical, and often entertaining text offers clear guidance to any student who may find evidence a slightly forbidding subject, and enough analysis to challenge those who wish to explore further.

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