Jennifer Steinkamp

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2006
Kategoria: Albumy
ISBN: 978-3-7913-3592-6
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Starry Eyes: The Art of Jennifer Steinkamp JoAnne Northrup, Dave Hickey, Dan Cameron This monograph celebrates the pioneering work of Jennifer Steinkamp, an artist for the digital age. Steinkamp?s work consists largely of installations, abstract and figurative projections that blur the lines between the virtual and the concrete. Trained in animation and computer graphics, Steinkamp?s art exists only in code, her computer serving as the paint, the palette and the brush. The book includes essays tracing Steinkamp?s career and providing an introduction to her unique methods. Other topics discussed in the book are Steinkamp?s work in the context of the burgeoning field of animation and her work in relation to the paintings of Monet and Pollock, showing how her work takes impressionist and expressionist art to the next, inevitable, step. JoAnne Northrup is a Senior Curator of the San Jose Museum of Art. Dave Hickey is an award-winning art critic. Dan Cameron is a curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

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