Lipoproteins in Health

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Data wydania: 1998
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ISBN: 978-0-340-55269-8
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'Lipoproteins in Health and Disease' is a comprehensive gold-standard work on the major health problem of high lipid levels in the blood, a principal cause of heart and vascular disease. Formerly the province only of the chemical pathologist, as new 'lipid-lowering' drugs become available, treatment is now being offered by cardiologists and general physicians.Edited and written by internationally acknowledged experts from centres of excellence around the world * Entirely comprehensive - 73 chapters * Of practical value, in both research and practice * Over 300 high quality illustrations * Reviews updated information concerning lipoproteins and atherosclerosis * Looks at current views on drug therapy * Integrates basic science with clinical practice * An integrated description of the physiology, pathogenesis and treatment of hyperlipidaemia in one volume * Over 100 contributors including 64 professors and 8 heads of department

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