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Data wydania: 2006
Kategoria: Medycyna i zdrowie
ISBN: 978-0-8247-2957-8
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Utilizing case histories to illustrate treatment decisions, this guidedescribes the diverse array of aura symptoms that can occur and offers a classification of auras into typical and atypical forms, such as other primary sensory auras, vestibulocochlear phenomena, hemiplegic migraine, and disorders of cognitive function concludes with a pathogenesis-based approach to treatment, looking at emerging treatment options such as CGRP and NO blockersconsiders the classification of headaches and the applicability of the International Headache Society system to real-world settingsdescribes common and rare clinical manifestations of the migraine mechanism, such as recurrent vertigo, blackouts, and amnesiaaddresses serious complications of migraine such as stroke, epilepsy, and coma, and considers why such complications may occurreviews our understanding of primary headaches from the ancient world to the present Supported by an extensive review of migraine pathogenesis and more than 200 case histories gleaned from the authors' personal experiences, this guide proposes two radical new concepts: all primary headaches are fundamentally a form of migraine and everyone may experience some manifestation of the migraine process in their life. Offering an in-depth overview of the migraine mechanism, including discussions of the neurogenic, vascular, platelet, and serotonin related components of the process, this source supplies extensive illustrations of the neuroanatomical structures involved in migraine and the latest insights from functional neuroimaging using BOLD fMRI and PET.

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