Official Olympic Companion

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Data wydania: 1996
Kategoria: Medycyna i zdrowie
ISBN: 978-1-85753-128-2
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Officially endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, this is a comprehensive companion to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. It provides a history of the Olympic movement and the modern Games, including records established from 1896 to the present. Rules and regulations for each of the events are highlighted with pointers on the athletes to watch as they "go for gold". The coverage includes: contemporary stars - their achievements, aims and hopes for the centennial Games; a history of the Olympic movement and the Games, and a comprehensive guide to the current work of the IOC; stars to watch - profiles and photographs; sports file - a complete guide to each of the 26 Olympic sports, including personalties, background and rules; medallists and results 1896-1992 - highlighting Olympic and world records; and Atlanta 1996 - the city, its background, the structure of the 1996 Games and the venues.

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