Pharmacotherapy of Heart Failure

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-1-904798-24-8
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Heart failure has been traditionally explained as a reduction in cardiac pumping capacity, caused by problems in the blood. Till now the therapy prescribed has been symptomatic, involving the use of diuretics, muscular stimulation and blood vessel relaxants. But recent research has focussed on the circumstances leading up to heart failure, which includes abnormal hemodynamics, atherosclerosis, dietary and nutritional anomalies, obesity, immunity and other metabolic disorders. This book brings together such research in one volume, including molecular and cellular aspects of heart failure and its pathophysiology. It is a significant contribution to the understanding and prevention of heart failure, and will be welcomed by cardiologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, and all those who practice and research the subject. The contributors from around the world include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, India, and USA.

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