Portfolio Design

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Data wydania: 2000
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ISBN: 978-0-393-73059-3
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A finely tailored portfolio is the most important element you include in your application for graduate school or a design grant or competition, or bring to a job interview. Portfolio Design shows you how to assemble the portfolio that will display your talents and qualifications to the best advantage, whether you work in architecture, urban planning, landscape design, or interior design. From formats, bindings, and cases to reproduction techniques, content, style, sequencing, and the latest in promoting yourself on the World Wide Web, Portfolio Design addresses every aspect of portfolio planning and production. More than 200 samples, drawn from a wide array of current student and professional portfolios, illustrate many and varied graphic design alternatives to show you what will capture the reviewer's attention - and an offer. Portfolio pointers from industry professionals and educators complement the practical advice given by Harold Linton, who has taught portfolio design for over a decade.

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