Research Methods

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Data wydania: 2006
Kategoria: Socjologia, filozofia
ISBN: 978-0-205-51221-8
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This comprehensive text explores the entire range of research methodologies in psychology, using a programmatic approach to introduce topics and build on earlier presentations to increase student understanding. It includes the most extensive package of web-based pedagogical features of any text in this market.Emphasizes research concepts, rather than cookbook-like strategies, to help students develop an understanding of scientific research. Clearly written explanations of concepts and numerous examples drawn from all areas of psychology enable students to develop a sophisticated understanding of the research process. Quick-Check Review Questions (with answers included in an appendix) at the end of each major section allow students to review what they have just learned before moving onto the next section.  Review questions at the end of the chapter, an interactive Study Guide, and practice quizzes available on the companion website, enhance the student's ability to self-evaluate and review. Historical Lessons and Cost of Neglect feature boxes throughout the text illustrate key points for students with vivid and interesting examples. Extending the Concept features tie new material into concepts learned earlier by students, thus allowing them to more fully integrate their understanding of research principles. Putting It into Practice sections encourage students to extend the concepts covered in each chapter to real-world problems, thus providing concrete examples that will help them remember the principles covered in the chapter while also enhancing critical thinking skills. Expanded treatment of research ethics (including coverage of both human and animal research) provides students with an early introduction to the importance of including ethical principles in research design. In addition, ethical issues are now discussed in every single chapter, integrating this important topic into every aspect of the research process. A Decision-Tree Flowchart System (Ch. 14) helps students select appropriate statistical procedures for their research studies. A functional version of this flowchart system is included on the website, which links the students to the tutorials for both computerized and manual computation of statistical procedures. A Pre-Data Checklist (Ch. 14) walks students through all of the checks of the research design and procedures to thoroughly prepare students to start their study. Supplemental material available with the text includes a companion website, which includes an Interactive Study Guide and Lab Manual along with tutorials on using web browsers, statistical analysis, library research, and APA writing style. It also includes theoretical coverage of statistical concepts for those instructors who want to integrate the teaching of research and statistics. Organization by chapter and inclusion of a Table of Contents and Index make it easy to find and reference any topic. The text can also be packaged with the SPSS for Windows, Student Version CD-ROM for an additional $15.

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