T-Shirt Book

Wydawnictwo: inne
Data wydania: 2002
Kategoria: Albumy
ISBN: 978-2-84323-346-3
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This 400-page book features hundreds of colorful examples of the T-shirt at its legendary best, from its humble origins as an undergarment to its current star status as a classic piece of clothing worn by billions around the world.Originally designed as a piece of men's underwear, the T-shirt exploded in the 1960s and has since taken on a whole new meaning. The T-shirt shed its undergarment role and became the perfect forum for political and creative expression. The Tees have been worn by everyone -- men and women, old and young -- and through the silkscreen process have become an international, unisex medium for every possible type of message.From the brooding image of Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire to the revolutionary call of Che Guevara, this book chronicles the myriad uses and images of the T-shirt. With playful photographs and engaging text, The T-Shirt Book mirrors our social history as it traces the evolution of the shirt from 1960s tie-dye to Madonna mania, and beyond.

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