Colombia TSK 4e

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Discover the best kept secret in South America. Colombia is safer then ever, affordable and still blissfully uncrowded - an independent traveler's dream. Laze on palm-fringed Caribbean beaches. Canoe slient rivers through lush rainforest. Stroll Cartagena's colonial old town. Salsa all night in Cali. Packed with practical advice and valuable tips for trouble-free travel, our peerless guide enables you to explore with confidence. THE BASICS - detailed maps, tailored itineraries and easy-to-use directory help make the most of your trip ADRENALINE RUSHES - the best spots for diving, rafting, hiking, rock-climbing and other thrills STRAIGHT TALK- honest advice on where to go - and still risky spots to avoid DISCERNING REVIEWS- opinionated authors give the lowdown on where to sleep, eat and pain the town COLOMBIA 101 - in-depth background chapters provide insight into the country and its people

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